How to make a referral

Referring your patients to our hospital is simple, provided they meet the safe criteria for treatment…

In order to be referred to us for treatment, the patient must:

Patients with sickle cell anaemia will be assessed on an individual basis.

As long as the condition is managed, and the patient is stable upon admission for treatment, we can accept patients with:

If the patient meets the above criteria, you can refer them to us in various ways:

Via the NHS e-Referral Service

Via NHS Somerset’s Referral Management Centre: 01278 727 400

Please ensure you detail the patient’s medical history and any other relevant information you feel it would be beneficial for our consultants to know.

Referral Forms

Prescribing Formulary

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Please note: this form does not constitute a referral and should only be used to enquire about referring a patient or request further information.


Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre CQC report

This report describes the quality of care at our NHS hospital. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health. It regulates and inspects health and social care services in England.

Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre Quality Account report

This Quality Account sets out our performance on a range of key measures for our patients, the wider public, commissioners and partners. It demonstrates what we have achieved in 2015-2016, and plan to achieve in 2016-2017.

Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre Prescribing Formulary

This formulary has been developed and reviewed by the pharmacy department at SMTC and is intended to guide evidence-based and cost-effective prescribing across the Treatment Centre.



Clinical results

Clinical results

Our waiting times

Our waiting times

Who is Care UK

Who is Care UK

 All surgery will proceed as planned

Because we only deal with scheduled care, and no emergency cases, we are not affected by the NHS announcement to cancel all non-urgent surgery; if you are booked in for an appointment or surgery with us it will still go ahead.