Connie boxes her way to fitness

In her job as Theatre Anaesthetic Practitioner at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre Connie Logan is used to, in layman’s terms, ‘knocking people out’ on a daily basis – but her hobby sees her looking forward to a different kind of knockout altogether in the boxing ring. 

Connie, 37 from Shepton Mallet, took up boxing for the first time this January in a bid to keep fit. She said: “I went along to see a friend box and I thought it would be great to have a go myself.”

Since then she has completed two one-hour training sessions a week at Frome Boxing and Fitness Academy, resulting in a weight loss of two and a half stone and her being ‘fight ready’ for her first competition last weekend.

Her first public fight took place last weekend at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, where she lost by the smallest of margins. She said: “I was really pleased with my performance. I was fighting an opponent who had five years of boxing experience behind her so I did well to achieve a close second. It hasn’t put me off and I’m keen to do it again.”

Connie, who has worked at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre since 2007, added: “My colleagues have been really supportive of me and are delighted that I’ve lost weight and am getting fitter, and some of them came to cheer me on Saturday. A few of them have said they were worried about seeing me getting beaten up, but I told them to rest assured that that is not going to happen, and it didn’t!”

Chester Barnes, Hospital Director at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre, added: “We are delighted for Connie that boxing has proved to be a great way for her to keep fit, and that she came through her first fight unscathed. If people want to take part in physical or extreme sports, it is important for them to do what Connie has done, which is to train regularly with people who have experience of the sport to ensure they participate as safely as possible.”

You can hear Connie recount how her first fight went on BBC Radio Somerset (skip to 1:25:55)