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Please note: All our surgical procedures will be carried out at our in-patient hospital at Shepton Mallet, even if you have an outpatient appointment at a different hospital.

Gallbladder surgery

For patients with painful gallstones, it is recommended that their gallbladders are removed surgically, usually via minimally invasive keyhole surgery.

Lower GI (medical)


This is a procedure which is used to screen for many diseases, including cancer, of the bowel e.g. diverticular disease.  An endoscope (a thin, long camera) is passed through the anus to view the large bowel and parts of the small bowel. Polyps can be removed, and samples taken for testing to assist diagnosis.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy

This is an examination of the rectum whereby a flexible endoscope is passed through the anus reaching the lower end of the large bowel.


This is an examination of the large intestine using a rigid endoscope. It enables the doctor to look into the rectum and bottom part of the large bowel. These can also be used in the outpatient department.

Upper GI including dyspepsia


In this procedure an endoscope is used to look into the stomach to diagnose conditions. This is a very common procedure: more than 500,000 are performed by the NHS each year in England alone.

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