Surgery gets keen tennis player Nigel back on court

Damage to his shoulder following a fall meant pain and a temporary stop to his tennis-playing days for Nigel Lane, 80, from Street. Surgery to his shoulder and later to his thumb at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre means that he is now pain free and looking forward to returning to the tennis court.

April 13 2017

Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre - Nigel LaneIt was while moving house that Nigel fell over a trailer hitched to the back of his car and landed heavily on concrete.

“I didn’t think very much of it at the time, but as the weeks went on the pain in my shoulder did not improve,”

He went to his GP who referred him for treatment at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre. There he was seen by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Stefano Lupparelli who explained that Nigel had separated tendons and a muscle tear in his shoulder, and that as he wanted to remain active that surgery was the answer.

“I spent about four hours in theatre,” said Nigel.

“By the time of the surgery it had been about three months since my fall and the tendons had separated by about three or four centimetres – Mr. Lupparelli said it was like trying to join up springs.”

The operation was a success and, in Nigel’s words,

“I felt like I could get back to playing tennis the moment I got out of bed – a marvellous result.”

However, Nigel’s tennis playing received another setback when he began to experience severe pain in his thumb. “The pain was constant and severe,” explained Nigel. “I could barely hold a pen, let alone a tennis racquet.”

Arthritis was the cause of the pain, with one thumb bone rubbing against another. Nigel has recently had surgery to remove one of the bones.

“I have always been fit and active,” said Nigel. “I played in the English Schools Cricket Association at Lords and have played tennis all my life. I would have continued with cricket too, but in the RAF I was given the choice of remaining on a top fighter squadron or playing cricket for the RAF, and the flying won!”

He added:

“I am immensely grateful to everyone at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre for two hugely successful operations which hopefully will allow me to continue playing tennis. I haven’t been able to play much over the past year because of the surgery, but now that we have moved to Street I will be joining Victoria Lawn Tennis Club and can’t wait for my first game.”

Speaking of his care at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre, Nigel commented:

“We are very lucky to have this hospital as a facility for local care. It is amazingly good – I stayed overnight for both my operations and I could not have been better looked after. From the first referral through to discharge and after care, it is incredibly efficient and excellent throughout.”

Chester Barnes, Hospital Director at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre, added:

“We are delighted to hear that Nigel’s two operations have been a success, and that as a result he is looking forward to getting back on the tennis court. Excellent patient care sits at the heart of everything we do and feedback such as Nigel’s is great for the team.”

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