Surgery leaves Sheila ‘poetry in motion’

Sheila Billinghurst, 85, from North Curry has been so pleased with her hip and knee operations at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre that she has been moved to deliver her thanks in verse.

January 11 2017Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre - Sheila Billinghurst

Sheila has recently undergone a partial knee reconstruction at the hospital, and five years ago she had a hip replacement there.

“I’m part of the generation that was brought up to not complain and to get on with it, so I bore the pain in both joints for some time,” she said. “But the results have been fantastic and I can now move around much more easily – get to the shops, walk around the village and do the housework. I only had my knee operation at the end of October, but I was mobile enough for my husband and I to organise and cater a party for 24 at Christmas!”

Sheila is full of praise for everyone at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre and described her care as

“a wonderful experience – I quite enjoyed it!”

“The whole thing is so well thought out. You get terrific consideration from everyone involved and everything is so well explained. When my consultant discussed with me whether I should have a total knee replacement or the partial reconstruction, he really included me in the decision making process which was really good.”

Even her visiting family were impressed:

“they couldn’t get over how clean, friendly and approachable the place is. We are real aficionados of Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre!”

Sheila has been recommending Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre to family and friends.

“I say to people, if you can choose then go to Shepton. It gives you a great deal of confidence in the NHS when it is administered in the way it is administered at Shepton.”

Chester Barnes, Hospital Director at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre added:

“We are delighted to hear that Sheila has been so pleased with her treatment here. Patient satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and it is great to receive such positive feedback.”

Here is the poem that Sheila penned to everyone at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre:

For surgery here in the West
Shepton Mallet is tops, it’s the best
The medics – divine!
The cuisine – super fine!
I had a great time as your guest!
The atmosphere’s calm and serene
And everywhere’s shining and clean
All the staff – lots of smiles!
They’ll go that extra mile
If you go there you’ll see what I mean!

Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre is part of the local choice of care for NHS patients. Hip and Knee surgery are part of a range of treatments available at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre.

If your GP agrees that you need treatment you can ask them to refer you to the hospital for treatment – it is part of your choice as an NHS patient.