Imaging first for sonographer James

James Harris is a sonographer at Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre who has become one of a handful of sonographers around the country to become qualified in ultrasound guided injections after attending a Royal College of Radiologists-accredited course ‘Cadaveric Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Guided Injection’ and passing designated competencies.

He is the first sonographer in Care UK to achieve this accreditation. His success means that more patients can benefit from the procedure at greater value to NHS budgets.

An ultrasound guided injection is used to deliver drugs to precise areas, such as small benign nerve lumps. It can also be used to administer cortisone injections to arthritic joints.

James’s work of around 1000 injections were assessed, and patient feedback analysed, for James to achieve this accreditation.

James trained as a radiographer in Portsmouth from 2003 to 2006. He joined Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton in 2006 and achieved a diploma in medical ultrasound from the University of the West of England.

He joined Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre in 2017, where he scans and provides reports on scans for everything except arteries.

Speaking of his success James said: “I am very pleased to have secured this achievement, which will give patients needing an ultrasound guided injection greater opportunity and choice for the procedure. I would like to thank my colleagues at Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre for supporting me with enthusiasm, funding and time to complete the course.”

Fiona Nelson, Diagnostic Imaging Manager at Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre, added: “Only a handful of sonographers have achieved this accreditation, so we are very proud of James’s efforts. His success allows us to perform more ultrasound guided injections than before, at greater value to the NHS. There are very few places in the area which provide this service, and with James now qualified to carry out this procedure more local people will be able to come here for it, saving them the time and expense of travelling further afield.”